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Mayor A C Wharton, Jr.

A C Wharton, Jr. was elected the Mayor of Memphis in a special election held on October 15, 2009. He was selected with over 60 percent of the vote and has now ascended to become the new mayor of Memphis.

This blog will provide citizens with updates, including video and photos, about the Mayor’s office and the City of Memphis, as well as a place to voice their concerns and questions.

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  1. Donna Risner permalink
    March 1, 2010 9:24 pm

    Mayor Wharton,

    Thank you for the excellent letter you wrote to Forbes. I was born and raised in Memphis and love this city.
    We do have major problems that all citizens would love to see solved.
    Crime,our school system and unemployment all play a large part in how Memphis is represented to other cities and businesses thinking of moving here. I believe you are hard at work on these issues but we definitely have a long way to go before we can all feel safe living in Memphis and know that our children and grandchildren are getting excellent educations for their future.
    Do we have problems that need to be fixed, yes but we also have an excellent leader that I believe will make the necessary changes and decisions to make Memphis one of the best cities in the US to live, work and raise our families in.

  2. Lee permalink
    March 3, 2010 9:32 pm

    Dear Mr. Mayor:

    Please come to Atlanta and bring that optimism here!

    Atlanta, GA (a former Memphian)

  3. October 7, 2010 10:38 pm

    dear mr. mayor can you see me at bluffdale 3104 look that up i go to sea isle elem can you call my mom to 9016476681 call now plese

  4. October 25, 2010 3:57 am

    Mayor Wharton,

    I met you several years ago at my Master Gardners graduation and sent a book to you of the diverse wildlife I had photographed at both Shelby Farms and the Agricenter side.

    You have also met my friend, Dr. David Sloas, who is encouraging you to make the Agricenter side a Wildlife Refuge. I deeply encourage you to consider his idea and proposal with all your heart.

    I encouraged David to send you one of the pictures he took today of a doe and her fawn to show how cutting down all of the corn and grasses to the ground have affected wildlife there. The doe is so thin you can see all her ribs, which is disheartning, especially since breeding season will be here soon for them, and then the winter months. She, and other deer won’t survive the season.

    Dr. Sloas has a farm. He farms that with wildlife in mind. He has clover sewn for the turkeys, salt licks, etc. He leaves something for nature so that it can survive the winter months. We need to do the same thing at the Agricenter.

    PLEASE, consider his ideas and proposal. He does all the necessary research that is required for such an adventure, and it would be an extreme benefit for wildlife there, for the City of Memphis, State of Tennessee, and especially for future generations.

    We need to leave them something as well. What we give to nature, will give 10 fold back to us.

    Thank you Sir,

    Andrea L. Cowart
    Local Member of the Tennessee Orinthiology Society

  5. lee hendrix permalink
    November 16, 2010 11:14 pm

    Dear mayor

    I know that you don’t have all the answers but you have a lot more than i do.

    I have notice that my utility bill keeps going up so i looked up the past year to see if i could find out if it is my living style i have a very well insulated house and am very conservor person. i found that electic part about same and gas about the same water about the same but found sewer charge had gone from $12.60 to $35.78 and still climing i called mlgw they had no answer to why it was going up but gave a number to call 576-6757 they said that tey knew nothing about it and i sould call 576-7121 and guess what they knew nothing but i should call 529-8025 that this is the mayor action line but i called itgot no answer called again the lady told me that i shold call 576-6500, so then hour had passed so found this emil address from google and am writing to see if i get some kind of response to the question why is my water bill being pass by to 2 and 3 times the water bill and how long do you think it be this way
    that city charges are going to pass gas and electric charges as of last bill e&g was $139.00 and city charges was 35.78 water $42.39 sewer, solid waste was $25.05
    storm sewer $6.11 for city $109.33, if i figure this right just on sewer charge will be aabout $20.00 x 400000=$8,000,000 per month X 12 = $96,000,000 per year looks to me like alot increase.
    how do we figure out what our bill will be under this new structure.

    thanks for leting me ask the question ?

    Lee Hendrix
    6760 Messick Rd
    Memphis, Tn 38119

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