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Lone Star Demolition Begins

September 20, 2012

Downtown’s Lone Star silos have said Memphis – literally —  since 1999. But today, with the Memphis signs off the top of the buildings and the wrecking ball swinging, the city celebrated the demolition of the 14 silos.

“The river is so much more than just a stream used for barges and boats,” said Mayor Wharton. “This is connecting us to our history. This is bringing people closer to the river.”

After the demolition, the property will be converted back to green space and will become part of two miles of public land along the river. The property will also connect the new Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid to the Tom Lee Park and the Beale Street Landing.

Speakers, including City Councilman Myron Lowery and Peabody General Manager and CVB board member Doug Browne, touted the project’s economic development and overall public benefit.

“In 1985, there was nothing here. This was even before the Pyramid was built. There was no development on Mud Island to speak of. Tom Lee Park didn’t exist except for a little four-acre thing. Riverside Drive was a two-lane roller-coaster road,” said Riverfront Development Corporation executive director Benny Lendermon. “Our riverfront is becoming a very public, very usable entity. It’s a benefit to our community.”

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