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Smart Phones, Smart Government

July 9, 2012

City of Memphis residents can now access some aspects of city government from their smart phones.

By downloading GeoSpace’s Smart Government App Memphis from the app store, iPhone users can receive push notifications about garbage pick-ups, road closures, and emergencies, as well as a one-touch call list for different areas of city government.

“It uses the same technology as Facebook and Twitter,” says GeoSpace president Ashley Mooney. “This was all done because I wanted to make a difference.”

The app, which did not cost the City of Memphis anything, was an idea Mooney had after last spring’s historic flooding. He thought something that could immediately notify citizens of emergencies or smaller issues would be useful, and pitched the idea to the Mayor during one of the Mayor’s regular Drake and Zeke appearances.

In addition, citizens can use the Pic/Fix feature on the app to take GPS-encoded pictures of problems such as potholes, downed street signs, or malfunctioning traffic signals, and send them directly to the city to resolve. By using a map interface, the picture will be able to pinpoint the location of the problem within 5 to 10 feet.

“If a citizen sees a pothole and they take a picture of it, we don’t have to ask where is it or how big is it,” said Mayor Wharton. “Our hope is that what Ashley has done here will inspire others.

The Smart Gov Memphis is available now, for free, in Apple’s App store.

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