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City, County, State Welcome Electrolux to Memphis

October 6, 2011

Yesterday marked the ceremonial groundbreaking of Electrolux’s new facility in Frank C. Pidgeon Industrial Park and, as Electrolux CEO Jack Troung said, the beginning of “a center of excellence” for cooking appliances in Tennessee.

“There were several reasons Electrolux chose to locate in Memphis,” Troung said. “The City of Memphis is in close proximity to our Springfield plant and the new R&D center we are creating there. Memphis has a large pool of human capital … and there was a strong commitment from both the public and private sector.”

Representatives from the city, county, state, as well as the Greater Memphis Chamber, the TVA, and the Delta Regional Authority, praised the project.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton joked that he used his entire speaking time recognizing and welcoming dignitaries from the Memphis City Council, the Shelby County Commission, and Tennessee state government.

“This really is a long list. Usually, I just say there are two here, we recognize them, and we get to move on. This really signifies that this is a new day,” Wharton said. “We’re not merely breaking ground. We’re giving birth to a new spirit, a spirit that says to dream big and that there are no limits to what Memphis and Big Shelby can do.”

To see more from the ceremonial groundbreaking, click below.

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