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What’s In The Budget?

June 7, 2011

Ever since this year’s budget process began, Mayor A C Wharton has been talking about “shared sacrifice.”

His proposed budget didn’t include a tax increase, but it did include deep cuts and ideas for revenue generation. Shared sacrifice included layoffs and furloughs for city workers, cuts to the parks’ athletic program for residents, and, in general, trying to do more with less.

Since then, council members have also suggested a tax increase and other ideas to help the city generate the revenue it needs.

Though the City Council is deep in budget discussions today, questions still remain.

For the next week, we’ll be posting  a series of videos that strive to give more clarity about the city’s budget.

In the first, we talk personnel.

Personnel accounts for 70 percent of the city’s budget. Of the city’s roughly 7,000 employees, however, 2,869 work for Memphis Police Department and are charged with keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe and secure.

With 1,874 employees, the Memphis Fire Department is the second-largest division in city government.

The third is Public Works, with 1,133 employees. Public Works is in charge of garbage collection, recycling, street maintenance, and wastewater treatment.

After that, the divisions get much smaller. Public Services, which includes libraries and Memphis Animal Services, has just shy of 400 employees.

For more, go here to watch the vid:


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