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Paris Looks to Memphis

January 25, 2011

The minister and the mayor -- Jean-Philippe Pariente

Time to get out the French/English dictionary?

Mayor A C Wharton met with Parisian Minister Maurice Leroy today to discuss how Memphis’ International Airport has catalyzed growth in the surrounding area as part of the Aerotropolis effort.

The Aerotropolis effort encourages companies dependent on air transport to locate in the area and has fueled the creation of new jobs and enterprises.

Paris is considered the Aerotropolis of Europe while Memphis is the American Aerotropolis and Ghaungzhou is the Asian Aerotropolis.  

During their meeting, town Minister Maurice Leroy also explained the Greater Paris project to the mayor, discussing the economic potential of the Roissy area as a major business metropolis for the Ile de France region. He also discussed government efforts to support greater development of the region with businesses in the area.

 “The economic boom around the Memphis Airport is a source of inspiration for the Greater Paris project,” Leroy said. “It’s because of this economic growth that I wish to work with A C Wharton on a partnership agreement to help facilitate greater economic exchange in a manner that fosters increased collaboration between Memphis and Greater Paris.”

The conversation will continue as Memphis hosts the prestigious Aiport World Cities Conference in April.

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