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Give a Minute for Memphis

January 13, 2011

Kids are often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?””

Maybe it’s time we ask the adults.

In February, the city will host CEOs for Cities’ Opportunity Challenge, a conference that is part of the group’s five-year campaign to redefine the American Dream.

To create sustainable, urban communities, CEOs for Cities is looking at how communities can focus and improve on talent, livability, connectivity, community, and optimism.  

In Memphis, the question is about opportunity. How do we put all of our talent to work to create a healthy, vibrant community? How do we create opportunities for our citizens to reach their fullest potential and have successful, fulfilling lives?  

We’re not just talking about the talent of recent college graduates, but those who never finished college, those who finished college years ago, and those who never even considered college.

So we’re asking you. Today, we’re launching Give a Minute and we’d like you to answer this one question:

“What skills would you love to develop professionally or put to use?”

For the next month, residents can text their ideas to 901-296-0123 or post them to the Give a Minute website. It’s an easy way for y’all to make your talents known or tell us what skills you’d like to develop.

The mayor and members of his staff will be responding to selected posts, and the public feedback will help inform and shape the upcoming conference.

Just think of it as a virtual town hall meeting. The best part? It only takes a minute.

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