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Mayor Wharton announces first Memphis skatepark for Tobey Park

August 9, 2010

Mayor A C Wharton announced today that a location has been selected for the first Memphis neighborhood skatepark.  The skatepark will be constructed in Tobey Park, near the intersection of Flicker Street and Avery Avenue.  The skatepark will be designed by the firm of Wormhoudt Incorporated, nationally-renowned for their expertise in this field, in partnership with Askew Hargraves Harcourt & Associates, Inc. of Memphis.  The $440,000 skatepark will be funded out of the City of Memphis’ capital improvement projects budget, through a request that was originally approved by Memphis City Council during the 2009 fiscal year.

“We are very pleased to finally let our local skateboard community know that this project is moving forward,” said Mayor Wharton.  “This is one more terrific quality of life investment in the heart of our city that will provide a safe, healthy, active resource for hundreds of our city’s children.  I have heard the demand for the skatepark loud and clear for many months, and on behalf of its many future users, I want to thank Memphis City Council Chairman Harold Collins and Councilmen Jim Strickland, Kemp Conrad, Reid Hedgepeth, and Shea Flinn for their advocacy, as well as our Parks Division for their continued hard work on this project.”

“We’ve worked long and hard to turn the city’s first skatepark into reality, and I am happy that it is being built in my Council district,” said Memphis City Councilman Jim Strickland, who represents Council District 5.  “The skatepark will be located in the center of the city near the Fairgrounds, and because of its location, every citizen of Memphis will have access to it and will be able to enjoy its recreational and health benefits. I believe that the thousands of children who use this park will greatly enjoy it.”

The design team will work to arrange a public meeting within 30 days to gather additional input from the local skate community.  The facility is scheduled to be completed and open to the public by September 2011.

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  1. Brad Christian permalink
    August 9, 2010 3:07 pm

    Great news! Thank you Mayor and Councilman Strickland! I was very worried that Councilwoman Halbert had ruined our chance to get a skatepark in midtown.

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