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MLGW takes additional steps to reconnect electricity to citizens in need.

June 24, 2010
On days in which MLGW declares a weather related moratorium on disconnections for
non-payment or failure to complete the required identification procedures required by
MLGW, residential customers who have had one or more utility services disconnected
for either of the above reasons may be able to have their utility services re-established
based on the following steps:
1. The customer must come into one of the five (5) MLGW community centers
which are located at the following addresses:
245 South Main Street
2935 Lamar Avenue
1111 East Shelby Drive
2424 Summer Avenue
5131 Navy Road – Millington

2. The customer will be required to present two of the following forms of
identification, one of which must be a discernible picture identification:
a) valid driver’s license, or Tennessee Drivers Certificate;
b) official state ID card (issued by State as ID in place of driver’s
c) federal identification card (passport and/or visa, alien registration
card, military identification card);
d) military discharge papers;
e) voter’s registration card;
f) social security card;
g) a certified copy of the birth certificate;
h) IRS individual taxpayer identification number card.

3. The customer will be required to pay $225.00 on their outstanding account
balance with MLGW. The payment must be made in cash, by money order or by
cashier’s check.

4. The customer must complete a Hazardous Weather Agreement for MLGW

5. If not already on record, the customer will be required to complete a residential
service agreement (RSA) when a customer requests re-connection of utility

6. The customer will be put into a deferred payment plan for the remaining past due
balance owed to MLGW. Such plan may not exceed five (5) months.

7. The customer will also be required to pay his or her first bill following this
reconnection in full by the due date printed on the bill. If the bill is not fully and
timely paid then the customer is subject to immediate disconnection without
further notice.

To help you in obtaining financial assistance for your delinquent and upcoming utility
bills, MLGW encourages you to contact one or more of the following agencies who may
be able to provide you financial assistance…
City of Memphis Energy Utility Assistance Program 544-MLGW (6549)
MIFA Plus-1 (901) 527-0226
Shelby County Community Services Agency (901) 362-6518
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