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Getting an accurate count and moving forward.

April 1, 2010

An accurate count of Memphis in the 2010 Census is vitally important to the city’s future.   Census data determines how nearly $400 billion is annually distributed for 170 programs and the need for additional social services, including community development block grants and other grant programs essential to many communities.  It is estimated that for every 100 people who are not counted, $1 million is lost to the people of Memphis over the next decade. During the next weeks, we are asking our citizens to fill out your Census forms and “March to the Mailbox” to ensure the future of our city.

Standing up and being counted is what the Census is all about.  With a number of years in government service to my credit, I am particularly sensitive to the fact that an accurate Census count is in the best interest of Memphis and all of our citizens.  In order to get our fair share of federal funds and to receive our proper allotment of representative of federal elected officials, it’s important that we participate and not sit on the bench when it’s time to be counted

In 2000, about 250,000 Memphians people did not participate in the Census and we’ve been living with those results for the last 10 years. We now have the opportunity to positively impact Memphis for the next 10 years by filling out this simple form. When it comes down to it, the Census will be the playbook used to ascertain if we need funds for new roads or job training centers; it will be a determining factor in whether funding needs for hospitals like the Med are met or what additional after school programs might be beneficial given our population.

Memphis a wonderfully dynamic and thriving community.  Every piece of who we are speaks to our history, our progress and our diversity.  The Census allows us to be who we are, to share what we have become, and to ensure that everyone is represented.

To move Memphis forward “March to the Mailbox” and complete your Census form.

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