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Weapons from Memphis.

March 15, 2010

Over the weekend, the Associated Press reported that weapons used in shootings in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas had once been in the possession of the Memphis Police Department.  They were legally sold by MPD following their confiscation from crime scenes.

The reality of any firearm confiscated by law enforcement being used in committing any future crime is a tragic irony. While we are definitely sensitive to this overall issue and the interest it has garnered, I do want to make it abundantly clear that these guns did not end up in the wrong hands through any illegal actions or activities by members of the Memphis Police Department.  As outlined by the state, the guns in question were provided to legal law enforcement dealers.

Relative to the practice of reselling confiscated weapons, we are looking at all options.  We ask that the public take notethat the current policy is state law and not a local ordinance that we can more immediately change or revise.

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  1. Denise Martin permalink
    March 15, 2010 2:19 pm

    If the weapons are not obtained illegally, then I am not sure what the problem is. It is not the gun that is the problem – it is the person that shoots a gun. Do you really think that having a different law in place would have made any difference in the outcome of the crime? They would have just bought another gun. I know the media makes a big deal that it came from Memphis – but all guns come from somewhere. I have a gun – actually more than one – and I have a gun permit. I bought the guns from a legitimate legal gun dealer. Could one of the guns been used in a crime before? Perhaps – I really don’t know. Is having a gun that was used in a previous crime going to make me or anyone else go out and commit a crime? Of course not! I hope I never have to use my gun to protect myself – however, if there is a time where my life is threatened, I will not hesitate to use it. Then if we find out it was used in a previous crime, what will the media say? That it was the gun’s fault? Come on folks – get real here!

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