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Mayor’s Jobs Forum showcases growth spots and challenges

February 8, 2010

On January 6, 2010, Mayor A C Wharton hosted the Mayor’s Jobs Forum, a unique opportunity to collectively hear from area business, labor and nonprofit leaders to discuss their thoughts as to how together we can grow our city’s economic potential.   During this time of economic uncertainty, the Forum provided a platform to discuss what real challenges face our city, the state of unemployment, as well as the need for minority businesses to be placed top of mind for future business opportunities in the Mid-South.  The Forum also presented ways that government can systematically work towards moving our city forward by creating gainful employment for all citizens.

Attendees at the Mayor's Jobs Forum.

Click here to view the Greater Memphis Chamber article.

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  1. Alfunsia Warren permalink
    February 9, 2010 5:43 pm

    My response is to the job creation component of this forum. There are many people looking for work and there are also companies who are seeking employees and sometimes the connecting of the two is not integrated. I would suggest a broad PSA and media blitz asking companies who have openings to participate in a citywide job fair. (Cook Convention Center), and also at this fair there could be resources to help parents with resumes and interview skills. I think that addressing this problem is going to work if the community and the local businesses are involved collectively. Addressing the employment issues should be a concern for all citizens and if the total city come together I think that a major impact can be made. Unemployment affect other dynamics in the community such as crime, drug abuse, domestic violence, etc. so that is why is should be in the interest of every citizen to play a role in this matter.

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