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Green Bay and the Zippin Pippin

February 8, 2010

Mayor Jim Schmitt and several representatives from the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin visited Memphis today to have a look at the Zippin Pippin roller coaster, which they are considering purchasing.

“While both of us have a number of due diligence steps left to take, the conversation was tremendously encouraging,” said Mayor Wharton, following a meeting with Mayor Schmitt in City Hall. “By all accounts, Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay sounds like it would be a wonderful new home for the Pippin, and I plan on doing everything I can to help the process move forward.  This is a wonderful opportunity for both of our great cities, and we are hopeful that it will lead to something of great mutual value and benefit for all of our citizens.”

Mayor Schmitt plans to engage an engineering firm to do some additional surveying of the coaster, and must explore financing options with the Green Bay City Council.

Weather permitting, dismantling of the Pippin will continue this week.  Immediate plans for the Fairgrounds call for a “great lawn” feature to be created that would connect East Parkway to the entrance of the Libertybowl Memorial Stadium.

Bay Beach bound?

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